Artist Statement

In my art practice I investigate illusion and immersion in relation to the environment. By definition, an illusion is not real, and yet, the idea of the illusion pervades history. I am interested in the meaning of an elusive reality in a digital/virtual form. My research focuses on the land the idea of territories. I am also interested in the experience and the role of the audience in a work of art whether that be digital, two-dimensional, or a three-dimensional form. I construct digital territories to compare and contrast the reality in which I exist. My multimedia studio practice investigates the function that the material serves and how it relates to the audience. I use maps and data in my attempt to answer questions about social structures, identity, while generatingquestions and questioning my own role as an artist and the effect I have on the environment. Art-making appears to me similar to that of a scientist who is in constant search for answers to the world’s most curious questions; several times a day I arrive at the realization that there may not be an answer and yet I cannot stop searching for one.

With technology, I find myself free in a boundless space that is only limited by the capacity of the graphics card of my computer. My hope is that the spaces I create, both digital and physical, act as an invitation for the viewer to question the social and cultural constructs that our senses allow us to experience in theseenvironments.  I, as an individual and as an artist am curious about what is beyond what my eyes can see and what my mind can comprehend. At the same time, I want to remain aware that the environment is also an organism that acts and reacts independently of human interaction. I study its behavior and I research the meaning of experience as an individual existing in it. What I choose to show the viewer is the point of view of the artist.

Available for download Artist Statement-Maria V