Greenbrier Vine
Greenbrier Vine

This plant is found all over Texas. It grows wildly and at a rapid rate. It is so resilient and strong. Private land owners and avid gardeners seem to hate it. The websites I found about this vine talked about how “annoying” it is and how much they want to “eradicate” it from their gardens.

I used the Greenbrier vine to reference identity and language. I wanted to use plants as an example of the language used to describe other things, like people.

The vine is native to North America. Animals feed on it, and humans can eat it too. How could we use this plant to our advantage?

I did suffer while working with the vine. Mostly while getting to know it. It is very prickly. The vines extend very high and because of the thorns, it is hard to take it off the host tree or bush without damaging it. The vine itself is so strong that sometimes the tree branch would break instead of the vine. The roots are deep in the soil and create rhizomes and it is hard to find the main root.

I got the proper equipment to work with it but I still got several cuts. I have been working outside and it is very hot. I also plan to install it outdoors once it dries out completely.

This is made with transparencies stitched together, then taped to a plastic sheet. Still in progress. I want to also install it outdoors and make more of them to make “windows.”

I think they would be better at sunset and in a more open space. I wish to make the hanging device transparent so that they appear to be floating. If I get to it.