Human / Nature

The Space – Urban Landscape

The space is located on a corner street of Denton, Texas, next to IH-35. The corner lot has not been inhabited for a long time and nature has taken it back. No one takes care of it and yet, all kinds of trash accumulate in that small space. You can hear the birds all around, sudden noises from squirrels and other critters. The soil is hard which means there is clay in it. It also has a very rich color like terracotta clay.

This work began by cleaning up some of the trash that has been accumulating in that space. There were beer bottles, plastic bags, water bottles, foil containers, eye glasses, clothes, even a whole tire, rim and everything. It rained for a few days and that softened the soil. At first, there were just piles of dirt but they began to take shape throughout the days to follow. After the rainy days, it was humid and hot. Two other heads were made at another location and they had to be brought here.

The final installation is a type of sculpture garden. The viewer or passer by can see the flowers, hear the birds, feel nature, while exploring the space. However, all this is contrasted by the loud noise of the freeway and the surrounding urban houses. The sculptures will most likely disintegrate as they get washed out with the rain. Some signs will remain of a human head in an urban landscape.