Sometimes islands

The Site

A site-specific sculpture installation.

The site is a section under an overpass at the intersection of IH-35 and IH-635. The area floods regularly with seasonal rain and it collects a variation of trash and discarded items.

The Terrain

While exploring the area, I encountered a large amount of foam of all types. I used these pieces of foam as a base for the terrains so that they float when the area floods. The terrains are tethered to the ground with a chain. The purpose of the tether is to prevent it from being washed away with the current in the case of a heavy rain and strong current as the are connects via a creek to the Trinity River. The soil was gathered from public lands in Texas in 2019/2020. The Terrain brings a healing element to the area and it presents itself as an ideal, or the idea of a pure place for the polluted overpass pool.

Tests on Water

For the purpose of critique, I tested the first 3 samples of the terrains in a pond near UNT Apogee stadium to make sure that they float. Success!

I will begin installation following these tests and continue this project for the remainder of the semester. My aim is to build 10 pieces and install them as I build them one by one to make sure my presence in the site remains elusive. This is important. One of my goals is for the work be more objective and open for the public to engage with and build their own dialogue as to their purpose. I aim at building Participatory Art.

Final Images – 11 pieces installed

Last week of November I finished installing 11 terrains in this area. In the last few days it rained but not enough to flood the area. There are some puddles only and it is very muddy. The mud is very clayish and it sticks to the shoes. Some terrains are beginning to wash away with the rain. Almost every time I have been there, I have seen people in the area. The day after Thanksgiving, there was a car parked on the side delivering containers of food. Today, I saw two people arrive in bicycles into the bushes to their camp.