Data Mountains

Data Mountains is a large sculpture made with tree branches and sticks that have been collected from the DFW area. I began in early December and will continue until the end of February for my MFA Thesis, “Legend Systems: an escape to a hidden land,” May 2021.

Here are some images of progress so far. I go to a residential neighborhood, I collect the sticks, I weave them together to form bundles. I also use a GPS application to track my route so that I know where each bundle came from. I usually take photos of the neighborhood if I see anything that catches my eye. I have been thinking that I should record sound. I will do that next time.

I organized it by neighborhood. These are photos that I took while out collecting sticks. They are quick snapshots.

Here is my very first day. A pipe or something broke and was spilling water on the street. It was bringing with it the red soil under the street asphalt. Denton-1-12-6-2020

Flower Mound-1-12-8-2020




Fort Worth-1-1-5-2021



Fort Worth-2-1-26-2021




On 2-17-2021, I took a snow day. Here in Texas, we had a historic snow accumulation and related disasters that made it impossible for me to drive anywhere. So, I stayed home and tracked myself for 4 hours. This is the map of how much I moved around the house. It was cold so I didn’t really move much from the couch.

Along with the above map, I made a map for each day that I walked in each neighborhood.

Here are some photos from the sculpture I am making with the sticks collected.